Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome! & Thank you!

Who am I?

I am an engineer, I am a software programmer, I am a husband and parent, I am car geek, I am a DIY-er, and I am a tinkerer. If something can be done with technology to make life better, safer, or simply more convenient, then I most definitely attempt it. Not all my ideas make it to projects, not all my projects succeed (primarily because of time or resource limitations), but many do and many are still a work-in-progress. I want to share with the world projects related to my Tesla Model 3 that succeed, so you may also choose to deploy them.

I have been a Nissan (and by extension - Infiniti) vehicle owner and DIY-er my whole life and the Tesla Model 3 is my first deviation from that loyalty. I have owned over 15 different Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti cars from '72 Datsun 1200, to R32 Skyline, to (older generation) Pathfinder, to an Alitma SE-R, to a 6-MT G35-Coupe and most recently the first generation Infiniti Q50S HEV. I like cars that have some unique "personality". The Tesla Model 3 definitely fit that bill. My Q50 Blog and Nissan GT-R blogs are still active and have been a help to the community. I still own and frequently drive my first US generation Nissan GT-R and love every moment of it.

I hope you find this blog useful and informative. Thanks for reading.