Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gen 2 Key Fob and DIY Key Holder

I find the lack of a key fob rather disturbing! Okay, simply more annoying than anything. I have 3 issues with the card key - 1. I don't want to fatten my wallet any more, it is already literally a pain in my rear when I sit on it, and 2. while I use the phone extensively as the key and like it, I don't have a place to carry my house key and gym card and I fear breaking or losing my phone on a trip and then being stranded at the airport.

Luckily, the second generation Tesla car-shaped key fob had just come back into stock when I bought my Model 3, so I immediately ordered one and got it in just 3 days.

Passive entry automatically locks and unlocks the Tesla when the paired key fob is within 3 feet. Same with the trunk. Additionally, pressing the top once to lock your Model 3 and twice to unlock; press twice on the front or rear trunk to open them.

This item is simply a thing of beauty compared to regular key fobs. Way-to-go Tesla, making something humdrum rather interesting again. I think the last key fob advancement was perhaps the flip out key.

Coupled it with an after-market silicone sleeve and a quick release aluminum clip gives me an instant key fob with key chain holder. I can easily swap out keys and take it with me as a backup in my laptop bag.
Tesla gen 2 key fob with silicone sleeve and aluminium quick-release clip
First lets look at the key fob box, this is a thing of beauty:

Key fob comes in a beautiful box.
Another angle of the key fob box, rather exceptional.
Front of the key fob box
Opening the box reveals a little gloss black Tesla car, Love it! Fantastic packaging job, it's better than opening an expensive watch box, or maybe this is how my wife feels when I get her jewelry and she opens the box.

Beautiful little glass black Tesla car shaped key fob 
Removing the car key fob from its slot reveals, not one but two coin battery cells. Awesome that they included two of them,  one being a spare - that is some good product designing. Wish some other features of the Model 3 were this well thought through.
Not just one battery, but a spare one is included.
I am not sure if it came with instructions under the box insert, but I did not need them to quickly figure it out. Flipped the fob over and saw a little tiny half circle opening on the side, which I used to pop off the bottom cover. Oh, the irony of installing a battery under under a Tesla.:-)
The battery is located under the Tesla. :-)
Inserted one of the coin battery into the slot making sure polarity is adhered to. Replaced the cover and there you have it, the little Tesla comes to life.
A Tesla with a charged battery is functional.
The next step was also easy. It was just like pairing a phone key to the car. To pair a Key Fob to the Model 3, went to the Locks tab in Controls. Followed the onscreen prompts to add a new key. The name can be customized of key fob.

Added the silicone sleeve, which I got as a 2-pack with a blue and black one, added an aluminium clip and I have a traditional key fob chain ring. I like carrying that little thing in my pocket and in my bag when traveling. Super slick and a must-have!