Sunday, January 31, 2021

Using the Tesla Boombox feature on same USB Drive as Tesla Cam using Windows 10

I finally got a Tesla Boombox feature working on my Model 3, almost a month after release...maybe because of the cold or maybe just lack of time to sit with a computer and get it figured out. Anyways, I made a short instructional video on how to format a single USB drive using Windows 10 for both the Tesla Dashcam and Tesla Boombox. Well actually all three, when Tesla Track Mode is included in the mix.

There is a subtle trick because Windows cannot format two exFAT partitions consecutively.
Here are the manual instructions illustrated by screenshots:

Friday, January 22, 2021

Tesla Update 2020.48.35.5 - No Major Improvements

Got the 2020.48.35.5 Update last night. Seems like it is minor improvements, no major items from the last release of 2020.48.35. Just a minor release.

Release Notes Improvements

more details...

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year's Eve Present - Tesla Update 2020.48.30

A hours before the end of the year, just a week after the last update on Christmas day, the 2020.48.30 Update dropped and it included the talked about feature called Boombox. Boombox allows some dedicated and custom sounds to be played via the external speakers of the front of the car. Some of the other features include the features from the last update and also a few more:
  • Added the game Battle of Polytopia
  • Added Cat Quest
  • Added Solitaire (look like it is based on the Android version of the best selling Solitaire) 
  • Added Boombox
  • Improved Emissions Testing Mode - Ability to play fart sounds outside the car :-)
The full release notes are below:

2020.48.30 Update

Additional details for each of the items