Saturday, January 4, 2020

DIY - All Weather Tray Mats for The Model 3

For those of us who live in the snowy states and need to transport kids with their sloshy, slushy, snowy boot and still want somehow keep our Model 3 clean, we really have to be particular about the choice of floor mats.

The main feature I look for is maximum coverage for all areas of the foot wells and a tray design to allow for pooling of melted dirty ice/snow from the boots. This allows for the water to be sponged up easily without slowing into and dry salt can be hosed out when dry.

For these reason the Tesla Model 3 factory all-weather mats and also many other after market mats do not suffice. Instead, after much research, I ended up purchasing these mats:

1. For the cabin these mats:
Inter front and rear tray mats
Great fitment for both the front and rear:

Tray style floor mats for front and rear to hold water

and for the trunk, I bought this mat
Trunk mat with full coverage
The only challenge was that the mats came folded over and needed a couple of hours in the direct sunlight to warm up and uncurl, which was not a big deal.
Mats came folded  over and and needed to be allowed to uncurl.
They really do a good job of getting capturing and holding dirt and grime. The only complaint I have is that since the bottom is smooth they do not grip the carpet as tightly as possible so they slide around a few mm when getting in and out, but because they have such big coverage it's not too bad.

Front passenger mat doing its job.
  Rear mats half way into the winter season also doing their jobs with the kids getting in and out.

Rear mats in capturing dry salt from kids boots.
Overall pretty happy with these mats and the job they have done so far in the winter thus far. Makes cleaning simple and easy.