Saturday, April 25, 2020

How to install Hero Me hot end cooling to and Ender 5. Stock fans. No soldering.

After much research, reading and watching reviews, I decided that a good choice to improve stock hot-end cooling would be to install the Hero Me Gen3 - CR-10/S Ender 3/Pro/5 OEM Hot-end by mediaman. This is very well thought out design with lots of attention to details. I have seen many versions of the HeroMe for the Ender 5 with aftermarket bigger fans, multiple fans, etc. but all those required soldering, which I did not want to tackle initially. So as a first stage,  I just used stock fans. I will upgrade later if for example PTEG printing requires more cooling.

Hero Me Gen 3 on Ender 5
The overall installation did require some minor modification after printing and some attention to detail during installation to get it perfect. Here are the simple DIY instruction for this awesome mod for the Ender 5:

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

FINALLY FIXED: Failed to turn on climate, Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault

Ever got this message when trying to pre-warm your car from the app:
Failed to turn on climate

Or this message when you car is parked: