Saturday, June 27, 2020

Update June 2020 - Stop @ Traffic Control, Backup Camera and more...

The June 2020 Model 3 Update is upon us and full of many goodies. This one is loaded compared to last month's update.

- The Model 3 can now go through green traffic lights when it is certain you are in a straight only lane without requiring conformation using the stalk and also changes the color of the stop line to green or red depending on the traffic light. Hella cool.

Go at green light without confirmation
- The backup camera now has side repeaters added to the camera view. I suspect many are not using this you simply have to swipe the backup camera image up. Took me a little while to get this going, but the good thing is that it remembers the setting so next time you get to see the side view upon shifting to reverse. So useful in parking lot situations and tight spaces. Way to go, Tesla.
Other improvements include...

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Auto Pilot Stopping for Traffic Controls (+ Video)

On April 27th, I got the update that added Traffic Light and Stop Sign Stopping (beta). I am not sure if this feature has been rolled out of Beta, but I don't care because it is damn cool and extremely well built. I immediately went out and had to play with this new autopilot feature.

It recognizes that an upcoming stop sign or traffic light is being approached (even around corners) from what I imagine is a combination of navigation data and camera data and start slowing down the car to come to a stop.

Telsa Stopping for Traffic Control  automatically

This feature only works when full autopilot is engaged. With traffic lights, it starts to slow down even if the light is green or yellow and requires you to either tap the accelerator pedal or click on the drive stalk to continue and the car then resumes. If it is red and you tap the pedal or stalk, it checks the light again simply does the same. Pretty safe. The best part is stopping when there are no cars in front of you, right at the line.

When the light turns green or when you determine that it is safe to move from a complete stop at a stop sign it accelerates slowly first then resumes normal autopilot speed. Spo convient on stretches of highway that have traffic lights for cross roads.

To set it up...

Saturday, June 6, 2020

New DashCam Viewer (and other Updates)

Let's face it, almost no one ever took out the USB device that record Dashcam and Sentry Mode footage to see what has happened unless a specific event such as damage/ accident prompted one too. Long requested was the ability for Tesla to simply view the footage in the car. With the update on/around April 9th, 2020 that is exactly what Tesla did... finally... a Dashcam Viewer in the car! Awesome and extremely useful.

Tesla Dashcam Viewer

Now I almost always view Sentry footage before leaving a parking location and so far the results have been hilarious... from the unknowing person simply doing weird stuff while parked next to the Tesla or others impressed by the Tesla coming over to look at it. Piece of mind before leaving a spot against damage and vandalism.

Here is the update screen with the information about the Dashcam Viewer...