Saturday, October 31, 2020

Oct 2020 Update - Speed Limit as Percentage, Spotify, Music Sources and more..

 Got the  October update on Halloween and it was backed with lots of goodies:

  • Autopilot speed limit offset can be set as a % rather of current speed rather than an absolute
  • Spotify improvements - it now takes over from my other devices seamlessly and I can use my phone to control what is playing in my Tesla...sweetness!
  • Improved media search by putting results into categories
  • Selecting which media sources are displayed
  • New Voice Recognition Languages
Here are the release notes and some of the detail screens:

October 2020 Updates

Spotify and Media Search Improvements

Media Source Selection and Voice Command Language

Looking a little deeper at the relative autopilot speed. I used to have it as a +3mph, but +3 mph in a 255mph zone vs a 70mph highway are very different and found myself having to adjust it manually at highway speeds often. As can be seen in the example below. with a +7% relative speed, at 35 mph it will cruise at 37mph and at 65mph it will cruise at 69mph....a lot more realistic with normal driving habits. Available under Autopilot Settings Screen:
Relative Speed Offfset FTW

The new Spotify app improvements makes Spotify so much more useful in the Tesla. I specially like that it takes over from my other devices seamlessly when I get in the car and I can also use my other devices to control Spotify in the Tesla, not not via Bluetooth, rather app to app.
Spotify Improved App and Views

Media selection is great because I do not use half of the media sources. One of the things I applaud Tesla is for not sticking XM into the car...what a waste that other car manufacturers keep on shoving down consumers. Availble via Audio Settings Screen under the sources tab:
Only display the audio sources desired 

Lastly the improvements to voice recognition, by having more languages supported. I guess I should have learned more languages in school....nah, English is fine for me. Lol on French vs French Canadian...wonder if one has more swear words it recognizes: -)
More Voice Recognition Languages 

Great update, specially happy about the autopilot speed limit offset and Spotify.