Monday, October 12, 2020

How low can you go? Beating range anxiety.

Wanted to give the battery a full cycle so on the way back home from a trip, I skipped a super charger stop since I could get home with ~5% battery. As I got closer to home I started using up more battery to get home as low as possible and managed to get down to 2%. 

I have heard some horror stories of the Model 3 needing a jump from an external 12V system to get it going, so I wanted to avoid hitting 0%, though I am not sure if it would drain the 12V battery. I guess 2% was my personal tolerance on my range anxiety. Surprisingly, I still had ~5 miles left per the computer based on the last 5 miles of my crazy driving....not bad.

Battery down to 2%

What I learned was that 15% state of charge is a lot, the usage of battery slows down considerably below that. Of course this is not good for the battery's longevity, so I don't think I will be taking it below 10% ever again, and I rarely take it over 90%. Sometimes to 95% during long trips.

Mentally, it seems that 75% to 60% goes a lot quicker than 15% to 0%. I could have gone around the neighborhood to drain it down to 0%, but I didn't want to be the guy that has to get a tow truck to get my Tesla a few blocks back home.

With the lowered spring, and gaining the aero, it was nice to see that I could get 241Wh/mi on a P3D- with 19" wheels!