Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Update Sept. 2020 - Green Light Chime and Speed Limit Sign Detection

 Busy Summer for Tesla, I feel that I am getting updates every week. This week (or month) it seems that Autopilot is getting smarter. Almost seems like different teams at Tesla are competing to get updated out.

For those that use the Autopilot feature of Stop Light/Sign recognition, a few updates ago Tesla added the feature that the stop line drawn on the screen would turn red or green depending on the color of the traffic lights. Seems maybe too many Tesla drivers were distracted 😏 while waiting for the light to turn green and tap the accelerator pedal, so now it appears that upon a green light, the car will chime as a notification to make a decision to move.

Green Traffic Light Chime

Additionally, the cameras can now read the traffic limit signs. This is good because I often observed that using the GPS data, usually the car would slow down a little past the sign. When I am driving through small remote towns, whose main source of income is traffic speed violations (you know exact the ones I am talking about), the car was susceptible to tickets especially when the speed goes from 55mph --> 35mph --> 25mph --> 35mph --> 55mph in the stretch of 1 mile, and there are cops parked right at the 35 mph sign in both directions.

Others improvements include:

Cruise Set Speed - > Ability to adjust the cruise speed to by tapping the speed on the cluster speedometer (the one on the top left of the screen). In addition to scrolling through right steering wheel button and setting the speed to match the limit by tapping on the speed limit sign. Awesome didn't even know I could do that.

Cruise Speed (Limit) Quick Adjustment

I tried the features out.

For the Green Light Traffic Chime it is under the Autopilot options:

Turning on Green Light Traffic Chime

And the obligatory information bubble:

Green Light Chime Info Bubble

Looking forward to what fall brings.