Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Update August 2020 - Car Left Open Notifications

At times it seems as though Tesla is reading my mind. On a recent trip we stopped for some food and my daughter left the rear door part way latched. I happen to glace at my app in the store and noticed that and had to go back to close it. A week later this update drops and I was ecstatic.

Notification on Tesla app for Door left open

For the late August update, 3 new features:

- Tesla Powerwall Coordination -  Powerwall will slow down/stop charging to serve home work needs or sends excess solar to the car. Pretty smart. I don't have a Powerwall and my non-Tesla solar setup feeds the grid.

- Car Left Open Notifications - After 10 minutes, if any door or trunk is detected as still open, a notification on the mobile app is received. If a window is opened after 10 minutes of being locked a -notification is received and Location such as Home can be excluded. Brilliant! Wish I could set it to be 2 minutes - minimizing theft risk in parking lots.

- Notification History - Ability to go back later and see those informational and warning messages that pop-up but go away. Nice. Now I wish that Android had a feature like this for my phone.

Powerwall coordination must help CA residents a lot!
The rest of the update notes and setup screens...
Door Window Open Notification on the Mobile App

Notification History View

The feature is setup by selecting the Locks in the menu screen the selecting for what items you need notification.
Car Left Open Notification

The options include OFF, Doors Only, and Doors & Windows. As well as the ability to exclude locations such as home. Wish I could set the duration to 2 mins instead of 10 min default.
Options for Car Left Open Notifications
I also like the added functionality of the car automatically closing windows upon locking car...any feature that makes me lazier is a win in my books.