Friday, September 25, 2020

DIY - Fix rattle of door tweeters

Both the front door tweeters developed a creaking noise. Not caused by the sound being produced from the speakers, rather when going over road bumps and imperfections, and it drove me nuts. At first, I couldn't identify where the sound was coming from except from the A-pillar area. Eventually putting a little pressure on the tweeter while driving made me realize the tweeter enclosures were the culprits. I asked my daughter to try the same with the passenger side and it was the identical issue.

Upon removal of the entire tweeter enclosure, and just squeezing it with just slight pressure reproduced the creaking noise. Essentially the enclosure comprises two pieces of plastic snapped together with the tweeter encased. The grade of plastic used, lack of foam lining, and the general position of the case between the rubber door gasket and door frame are all responsible for the creaking symptoms.

Fortunately the fix was easy and took all but 5 minutes per site. I inserted a small piece of foam under the door panel and lined the two edges of the enclosure with thin double-sided 3M tape and then replaced the tweeter. SO far in 3 weeks and many 100s of miles of driving they have not made a sound!

A piece of foam and some double sided 3M tape fixed creaking from tweeters

To remove the tweeter enclosure...
... gently pull up, taking care not to rip the tweeter harness. It is held on by 2 clips at the bottom and one door tab, as can be seen with the red arrows in the two pictures below.
Bottom tabs of the tweeter enclosure

Then it is matter of simply putting some foam and tape. The foam makes sure there is no direct plastic to plastic contact and absorbs the shocks between the door and the top rubber gasket, since the tweeter enclosure is sandwiched between the two.

The double sided tape does two things - acts as a buffer between the door frame and the other edges of the tweeter enclosure and also prevents the enclosure from moving. Care must be taken to apply the tape carefully to the edge so it does not show from the outside.

Right side tweeter enclosure 

Since I had the foam and double sided tape laying around from other projects. the cost of this was $0.