Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year's Eve Present - Tesla Update 2020.48.30

A hours before the end of the year, just a week after the last update on Christmas day, the 2020.48.30 Update dropped and it included the talked about feature called Boombox. Boombox allows some dedicated and custom sounds to be played via the external speakers of the front of the car. Some of the other features include the features from the last update and also a few more:
  • Added the game Battle of Polytopia
  • Added Cat Quest
  • Added Solitaire (look like it is based on the Android version of the best selling Solitaire) 
  • Added Boombox
  • Improved Emissions Testing Mode - Ability to play fart sounds outside the car :-)
The full release notes are below:

2020.48.30 Update

Additional details for each of the items
Some new games added...sweetness for spending time at superchargers:

The Battle of Polytopia

Cat Quest


The feature that Elon tweeted about. These guys sure do have fun while doing work.


Driving Visualization Improvements

Scheduled Departure Mode
Just as the emissions testing mode allowed the sound to be directed to the speakers near any one passenger, it can now be directed outside the car...too silly! Both kids and adults love it.
Emissions Testing Mode Outside the car

Supercharger visualization improvement

No more Tesla "T" on the top screen.