Monday, December 7, 2020

Dec 2020 Update - New Text Message App & Sentry Mode Updates

Got the December 2020 software Update last night. Huge improvements to text messaging. The overall improvements are:

  • Ability to view messages under Calls Menu
  • Double click to dismiss a message and one click to respond.
  • Trax v0.2 redesigned to be easier on the screen
  • Sentry Mode of last panic event is stored onto onboard memory  and can be download to USB  via the dashcam viewer.
Here are the release notes:
Text Messaging is now much easier

The Sentry Mode feature helped me out recently in that I did not have the USB plugged in for a short trip as I was downloading some footage and I was still able to capture footage on honking.

Trax v0.2 and Sentry Mode

The new text messaging in action. Message comes in and Single click to respond via voice recognition and double click to dismiss it. Especially useful when I don't need to know about the Amazon packages being delivered.

Dismiss a message by double clicking right steering wheel button

Single click to have the message read:

Listening  to my daughter's text

Single click to respond:
Responding to my daughter

Now I wish there was a way to re-dictate a message. Single click will send it, double click will dismiss my message and not send, but no way to discard and re-dictate.