Monday, March 16, 2020

Using Summon at Night in a Busy Parking Lot

My car was about 10 days old and I had just paid for FSD about 24 hrs prior via the mobile app.

The vehicle was parked at the end of the parking lot in a strip mall. I had taken my in-laws for dinner and they had no idea what a Tesla was.

To come get me, the had back out, not hit the curb behind, make a 90 degree turn, then make another 90 degree turn to come get me.

Additionally a car pulled into the parking lot going to a space that was in the path, so it had to negotiate that. The ladies in the car thought that the Tesla was vying for the same spot. A lot could have gone wrong. All I did was held then button down on the Smart Summon and hoped nothing bad would happen, at this point I was committed.

The outcome had a a little laughable moment. The poor girls assumed the Tesla was stalking them. I had to apologize to them.

Gotta love Smart Summon!