Tuesday, July 14, 2020

DIY - Removal of Front Trunk

The Model 3 front trunk or (frunk, as its known on the streets) is fairly easy to remove.

Definitely needs to be removed to access things such as strut mounts for spring changes, front alignment and other service work.

To remove the frunk, first open the frunk lid. Remove the vent shield close to the wind shield. It is held by several plastic clips and simply pops up. The down arrows show the mounting points and the entire piece just pops up.

Cover removal.

Next remove the vent inlet. Again, it is held by the white plastic clips as illustrated and so it simply pops up. 

Pop out the air vent deflector.

Next pull upwards on the cover for the frunk locking mechanism, however care must be taken not to pull too quickly or hard as there is an electrical cable for the frunk release. Disconnect the electrical cable from the switch and note the 2x 10mm bolts that will need to be removed in the subsequent steps.

Frunk lock cover

Remove any frunk mat or tray as there are 2 bolts under that. There are also screws underneath the plastic bag holders. Pop the hangers up and use a 10mm deep socket to remove the 4 bolts shown below.

Remove frunk bolts.

Remove the 2 bolts underneath the lock cover, which was removed earlier. Disconnect and remove the cover completely.

Remove bolts underneath cover

Remove the last bolt near the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.
Remove last bolt for frunk tray

Now the entire frunk tray can be lifted out. It is held in places by plastic clips that run along the edges, about 4 on each side, Upward motion should unclip them. Clips shown blow. 
Frunk tray removed.

We can now access the inner components to do other work. I love that the design is so simple. I am used to working on complex engines that this is a treat.