Saturday, June 27, 2020

Update June 2020 - Stop @ Traffic Control, Backup Camera and more...

The June 2020 Model 3 Update is upon us and full of many goodies. This one is loaded compared to last month's update.

- The Model 3 can now go through green traffic lights when it is certain you are in a straight only lane without requiring conformation using the stalk and also changes the color of the stop line to green or red depending on the traffic light. Hella cool.

Go at green light without confirmation
- The backup camera now has side repeaters added to the camera view. I suspect many are not using this you simply have to swipe the backup camera image up. Took me a little while to get this going, but the good thing is that it remembers the setting so next time you get to see the side view upon shifting to reverse. So useful in parking lot situations and tight spaces. Way to go, Tesla.
Other improvements include...

Side repeaters to backup cameras

- A red dot for the Sentry footage when using the Dashcam viewer so you don't have to sit there for 10 minutes trying to find the sentry event that triggered the footage to be saved.

Leave car unlocked at home
- Better experience for TuneIn, which I don't use as much compared to Spotify
- Walk-away lock can be disabled for Home location. I guess safe if you don't park outside and have PIN-to-drive enabled.
- Yeah Portuguese is supported! Obrigado!
- Finally, looks like the inside camera is activated. You have to opt into this, but I think it will make for a better future experience for example if I do not have to tug on the steering wheel every 10 seconds to tell Autopilot that I am still alive when driving straight. Or I have got so good at predicting the steering angle that I can steer along with autopilot on curves so it thinks that I am not holding the steering wheel. Or, keep those who text and drive from doing so...somehow, maybe one day. But it's a start.

Big Brother is now watching