Friday, February 14, 2020

DIY - Tesla Logo Visor Ticket Holder

For 10+ years you use a feature in cars and simply assume that every car has it. Then one day, you get a new Model 3 and realize when upon entering a parking ramp that the usual spot for putting the parking ticket in the visor simply doesn't exist. So now the ticket ends up behind the visor sometimes, or in the console in so many different places, or in the wallet. Repeat procedure in reverse when leaving the ramp trying to look for the ticket. Frustrating first world problem.

Anyways, I was on two very long flights recently and decided to put some rusty college skills to use and design my very own ticket holder. I wanted to to be a simple thin minimalist clip that follows the contours of the Model 3 visor and can hold one tiny piece of paper for me. Function before form!
Then the idea of extending the shape into a Tesla logo dawned upon me - because that is what a design engineer at Tesla would most likely do. The result:
DIY Visor Ticket holder for Model 3 in the shape of a Tesla logo 
And here it is in white, which was my first prototype in white:

First prototype in white
First I looked on the internet to see if something decent existed and kept coming across gaudy items such as this:
Sorry! A  no-go for me.
So I decided to designed it in 3D CAD myself and it took me a few prototypes to get just right - both in terms of fitment and print-ability:
3D CAD design of my visor ticket holder
Of course the back side had to have the Tesla logo too, because anything else would be simply ugly when the visor is flipped open.
Rear is also a Tesla Logo
I was also not happy until the contours matched the visor exactly, so it looked natural without overly pressing against any single part of the visor. I don't want indentations. Then printed two, one for each side because...why not...for symmetry.
Installed on both visors in grey
I am pretty happy with what I am calling - v1. I would like to make a few tweaks and then use grey plastic to see if it matches the interior better. But for right now my muscle memory is happy.

A fun project overall!